Learning Process

“The environment must be rich in motives which lend interest to activity & invite the child to
conduct his own experience.”- Maria Montessori

This develops motor skills, hand-eye coordination & most importantly concepts through practical experience.
Story telling is aimed at
  • Enhancing oral comprehension & language skill
  • Stimulating & stretching the imagination
  • Associating the tales with his or her life
  • Developing emotional skills.
The elementary tool of developing language, concepts & means of expression through actions extremely enjoyed by the pre-schoolers. The rhythm unites them.
Aimed at encouraging visual comprehension & expression, this activity also fosters thinking, relating to the real world & assessing what comes next. Picture reading helps in increase vocabulary, using observation & memory.
This forms the foundation for spelling, reading & writing the English language. As opposed to rote learning this approach is a scientific one.
Concepts are developed through
  • Apparatus work
  • Rhymes
  • Stories
  • Multimedia
  • Worksheets
  • Practical Experience
One of the most popular activities which fosters sensory development, aesthetic sense & opens the world of creativity.
Indispensable in today’s world, this is utilised to confirm all that is introduced in the learning environment.
Children are bundles of energy & one of the best way of channelising their energy other than play is through dance. This introduces them to group activity, following instructions & physical activity in an extremely enjoyable manner.
Inculcates social skills :
  • Sharing and Patience
  • Delayed gratification
  • Mingling with peer group
  • Taking initiative
  • Taking care of play equipment.